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Middle School Weeks

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Following Jesus isn't easy, and often outside of church, it is incredibly unpopular. Are Christ's standards for our lives really worth living? Click here for more...

Summer Missions

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Perhaps you are one of the workers that God will send into His field to help bring in the harvest. Click here for more...

Waterfront Days

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We have a great water slide, powerboats for tubing, people powered boats, and even water toys to enjoy. Click here for more...

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We are currently preparing an improved summer for each of you who will come as a camper. We are building on the experiences of last year, including lodging, facilities, food, and activities. Come prepared to enjoy the results and, most importantly, to spend time getting to know God more. You will be refreshed through a time of fun, worship, community, and prayer. Watch our summer highlights from last year and imagine a summer greater.