Day Camp

This program is designed for kids who are entering 1st-5th grade who may not quite be ready for an overnight experience, or just provide another great option for families. For five packed days, campers will interact with incredible Camp staff who are passionate about Jesus and will participate in impactful Bible teaching, worship, and a whole host of recreational activities every day!

So welcome to Maranatha, the relevant programming and passionate staff will help ensure your time will be life changing!

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Example Schedule

Check back later for the official 2017 schedule!

7:45 Pick Up at Mall
8:30 Drop Off / Welcome Party
9:00 Chapel
9:45 Activity 1
11:00 Switch
11:15 Activity 2
12:30 Lunch / Gift Shop
1:30 Elective 1
3:00 Elective 2
4:30 Wash Up
4:45 Wrap Up Session and Send Home

Example Elective Options

We let you choose the elective preferences for your child on their registration form when you sign up. Options include:

Rockwall / Gym
Waterfront / Kayaks
Swim Games
Mud Pit
9-Square / Gaga Ball
Craft Shop

1st – 5th

2017 Dates: 
Session 1: July 24 – 28
Session 2: July 31 – Aug 4
Session 3: Aug 7 – 11

Camp Cost: 
$45 / camper / day
Discounts may apply for campers coming for the whole week

Shuttle Cost: 
Check back later for 2017 rates!


You may find these documents helpful in the promotion of camp to your group.
Feel free to download and distribute this information!

Single Half-Sheet Flier

Double Half-Sheet Flier

Free Videos From Previous Years

Questions? Contact Reservationist Emmalee or 308-582-4513