Psalm 1:3 says “He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water”. As fathers we are responsible for the physical and spiritual growth of our sons. This weekend together with your sons and daughters will be filled with spiritual and physical growth. Grandfathers and Grandsons are welcome too!

Our Father Child Weekend is a great chance for dads to spend time with their kids in the great outdoors


Quality time is so important for dads and kids. Just imagine the bonding that’s possible when you and your kids are removed from the fast-paced and distracting rhythm of everyday life. You’ll not only deepen your connection with each other, you’ll grow closer to God. Come spend the weekend with us and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Grades: Fathers and children between 5 and 18

Dates: April 5th-7th

Motel Style – $135
           Dorm – $100
           RV/Tent – $75
Child: $50 Per Child

* Register with 5 or more and get $15 off per person! Limited to individual households


Kris Cheek

Kris Cheek

Kris Cheek is Maranatha’s Executive Director! Kris has a background in youth ministry and sports evangelism as well as church planting and administration. You will also hear inspiring lessons from other fathers who have walked the road of parenting.  According to Facebook, he enjoys long walks on the beach and selfies with his wife Natalie.


Friday, April 5th
6pm – Check in & Set up
7pm- Welcome Party
Fireside Time
Glow in the Dark Games

Saturday, April 6th
Early morning Fire
8am – Breakfast/Campfire Cooking Lessons
Fireside Time
Low Ropes Course Team Building
Survival Skills/Free Time
Knot Tying
Fire Building
Homemade Fishing Tackle Lesson @ 10am
12pm – Lunch
Afternoon of Adventure
1-3pm Archery
3-5pm Paracord Bracelets
5pm – Hike to Dinner
Build Fire & Cookout Dinner
Fireside Time
Wagon back to RV Park
Late Night Fire Pit

Sunday, April 7
Early Morning Campfire
8am – Breakfast
Fireside Time
Open Gym/Climbing Wall
Hiking Trails
Mini Golf/Disk Golf
12pm – Lunch
1pm – Check out/Optional Afternoon Freetime



Learn Outdoor Survival Skills
*Water purification
*Building a fire
*Shelter building
*Foraging for food
*Snaring and trapping for food
*Fishing without tackle
*Low Ropes Team Building Skills
Bring Your Own (if you have it)…
*Pocket knife
*Bow and Arrows
*Day Pack 
*Tick or bug spray
*Layers of clothes to withstand weather
*Every kid gets a multi-tool
Learn to make…
*Para-cord Bracelets
*Fishing gear without tackle
*Hobo Meal


Come try out our new zipline!


Come hang out on the lake with your family in our kayaks