Give The Gift Of Camp

What better way to show a loved one that you care than to give them the gift of camp?

Our mission is to provide a fun camp experience where people connect with each other, are transformed by Gods love, and are challenged to be Christian leaders.

“I have seen camp change lives. Whether it is your first time attending or fiftieth time attending, God works through camp in a way that gets to the corners of your heart and stirs change.”
Jen Hulbert, Youth Leader – Cheyenne Berean Church

Giving the gift of camp is giving a child, youth, or family you love the chance to experience life change at camp by providing the means for them to come. “Give The Gift Of Camp” exists as a chance for you to pay the way for a loved one.  The amount paid will be credited to their name. This way, when they register, they will find that a portion or all of their bill has been taken care of!

In order to Give The Gift Of Camp, fill out our form, or contact JoAnn here at our office:
308.582.4513 ext. 145