Maranatha’s Light the Cross Campaign

After many years of service, Maranatha’s trademark white cross has faded to a light brown color. Even the general public have taken time to let us know the cross sign has begun to be in poor repair. Will you join us in our effort to raise the funds necessary to repair the cross?

Maranatha is now in our 80th year as a Christian camp and retreat center. For many of those years, our beloved cross has been the defining landmark of our camp. Maranatha IS “the camp with the big cross by the Interstate.” Over the years there have been those who wanted our land mark cross taken down, but we have defended it’s location successfully. Keeping the cross visible for all to see symbolizes our enduring commitment to retain a Bible centered Christian worldview in our camp ministry programs.

Join with others who have already given toward the $16,000 cost of renovation to keep the Maranatha Bible Camp Cross beautiful and lighted at night . . . a reminder of the Gospel for the millions who will drive by in the years ahead.

Thanks in advance for helping us keep the Maranatha Bible Camp Cross lit. It is a nationally known landmark to the millions who travel this busy interstate highway crossing the USA.