A new lakeside retreat lodge for adult & family ministry.

Maranatha aims to expand our reach to the greater community and family in need of renewal and refocus on the real answers to family and social problems; answers rooted in the unchanging message of the Bible and the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Our Success

Maranatha has gone through a period of remarkable growth. Family Camp attendance has increased fivefold; Marriage Conferences have tripled in the last 3 years; Leadership and Church Conferences are up by 25%. There is also increased demand for special needs accessibility.

Our Challenge

Our top request from visitors is improved, expanded overnight lodging and meeting space. More adult and family housing could bring greater financial stability and more outreach opportunities, increasing the presence of Camp Maranatha for generations to come.

Our Solution

We propose to expand our current amenities by building a new lakeside retreat lodge at Camp Maranatha. This modern facility would include a significant number of overnight rooms for family and adult guests, and offer additional meeting and conference space for activities at our camp.

Spiritual growth and refreshment occurs in the retreat setting like nowhere else. It is an opportunity that provides recreation, renewal and changed lives. Unfortunately, with our current housing facilities, Marantha's ability to offer the full retreat experience to families and adults has become limited.

ONE-THIRD: The current number of adult and family visitors who are missing out on the full Camp Maranatha retreat experience. This does not include all the potential opportunities for retreats which must be turned away entirely due to our current housing limitations.

One-third of our adult and family attendees stay off campus due to limited space.
All of our current motel-style housing has been sold out over the last three years.
Numerous camps, retreats, and family groups have been turned away due to lack of housing.

Lodge at Lake Maranatha

A new hotel-style facility with modern lake-side rooms and family meeting space will allow Camp Maranatha to better serve our mission and expand our ministry.

More Space

The proposed facility would allow us to offer the full 24-hour retreat experience to more family and adult visitors.

Expanded Season

Increased housing would allow Maranatha programs to function earlier in the spring and later in the fall months.

Greater Stability

These changes would enhance our financial sustainability, increasing the probability of camp being present for generations to come.

You can help us make this happen.

Please consider giving to our Room2Reach capital campaign.