School of Ministry


The Maranatha School of Ministry is designed to equip young adults to become leaders who impact their cultures.

We will utilize a combination of theology, Bible study skills, worldview training, evangelism, character development, personal life skills, and mission trips, as we endeavor to expose students to life, guide them to discern God’s will, and cultivate a spiritual passion and calling.

Thank you for your interest in the School of Ministry. Please take a look at the following Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the major components of the School of Ministry?

Online classes will be taken through Eternity Bible College in Simi Valley, California.

Students learn about leadership through real life experiences of school, work, church/community service, camp promotion and recruitment. Students will serve during the summer of 2017 as core leadership for the Summer Staff Program at Maranatha Bible Camp.

Students will work at Maranatha Bible camp 10-15 hours each week. This may include: kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, program assistance, garden and grounds. As a result Maranatha benefits from extra help and students gain valuable leadership skills, while developing discipline and work ethic.

The mission component may include local, regional, and international projects. We are looking at the possibility of an international Mission trip in the spring of 2017. We will have more information available as plans are formalized.

How long does the School of Ministry last?

The School of Ministry runs September through mid-August. After completing the September to May segment, students will be given a short break. They will return to camp to put what they’ve learned into action, finishing with 3 months of summer service as a part of the Maranatha Bible Camp Summer Staff. Students will help build community, facilitate spiritual growth, resolve conflict and lead their peers.

What college are the courses from? Is it accredited?

The courses are accredited through Eternity Bible College (EBC) in Simi Valley, California. EBC is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation to grant certificates and degrees at the Associate and Baccalaureate levels.

What are the class sizes?

We expect 4-8 students for the 2016-17 School of Ministry at Maranatha Bible Camp. Eternity Bible College normally caps total students in a class at 25.

What courses will student take?

Fall 2016 Semester (Sept. – Dec.)

Bible Study Methods – 3 units

Gospel and Culture – 2 units

Spring 2017 Semester (Jan. – May)

Theology of Work: Why Work Matters – 3 units

Introduction to Discipleship Counseling – 2 units

What costs are associated with the School of Ministry?

Maranatha Bible camp does not charge a fee to participate in this program. To compensate students for the work they do at camp they are supplied housing, meals (when there is a group at camp) and $150/month for living expenses. Should they choose, students will be trained in raising support.

Students work directly with Eternity Bible College (EBC) to pay the expenses for class tuition, fees, and books. Maranatha’s program supervisor (Bob Teters) is available to assist students through all interactions with EBC.

For more information regarding the cost of courses at EBC, contact Bob Teters.

Are there any breaks built into the program?

As much as possible we will follow the Eternity Bible College academic calendar. However, students may be asked to help with Maranatha Programming during some of the school breaks.

Breaks in the Eternity Bible College Academic Calendar are featured on their website. 


Who facilitates the program at Maranatha?

Student/Program Supervisor:
Bob Teters (reporting to Kris Cheek, Exec. Dir. of MBC)

Advisers to the Program:
John Stone, Lead Pastor, North Platte Berean Church, North Platte, NE
Eric Most, Lead Pastor, The Crossing, Gothenburg, NE

Various full-time staff who have the gifts and passion to serve the students.

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School of Ministry Class of 2016 – 2017

To ask more questions or to express interest in participationg, please contact the School of Ministry Supervisor, Bob Teters.