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Summer Ministry Team

At Maranatha, you may come to serve, but you will leave with something more valuable; community. Working at a non-ministry job can be very difficult and draining. It is hard to find like-minded people. Working on the Maranatha Ministry team, we invest in you. We cultivate leadership skills while living out what it means to be a part of something bigger. Working for the Kingdom is a treasure worth more than all the riches in the world. We desire to be a team who values Christ over currency. People who want more in their life than just “good” or “acceptable”. Good is the enemy of great. We strive to be great for the Kingdom while giving biblical truths to stand firm in your faith. Are you ready to be great?

Summer Missions Team is a 12-week program packed with spreading the Gospel, serving, community, personal and spiritual growth, and Changed Lives.  Team members serve full-time in one of a variety of roles, live at camp, and draw closer to God through staff chapels, personal mentoring, group devotionals, and support in your walk with God.  Your aim is to be part of God’s live changing work as campers come to hear more about God and how to grow in relationship with Him.  But in the process your life will be changed also.

Benefits Include:
Regular Staff:  $125 a week Stipend pay
Kitchen Staff: $135 a week Stipend pay
Head Cook: $155 a week Stipend pay
Leadership Staff: $145 a week Stipend pay
Fundraising option available

Free Lodging and Meals
Leadership training: May 16-19
Staff training: May 20-27
End date: July 29th. (Early departure options available)

Summer Ministry Lead Positions:

Cabin Leader

Must be at least 18. If you love working with kids this is the role for you!  Each week you will have a different age group and between 3 and 10 kids in your cabin.  You get to do everything with these kids- go to chapel, get them hyped for games, eat meals together, lead devotions for them, spend the night in the cabin with them, supervise them, and talk through life as whole groups and one-on-one.  Most importantly you get to model how awesome a relationship with Jesus is.  During our guest group weeks you will assist in various guest service roles around camp.  Cabin Leaders should be comfortable working with children of all ages, have a great relationship with Jesus, and be able to lead devotions and encourage others in their walk with God.

Cabin Leader Head

Must be at least 20. Keep our cabin leaders sane, cared for, and running strong. Take a different group of kids each afternoon during free-time to give the cabin leaders a break. Help with devotions and lights out times.  Be on call to give cabin leaders extra assistance with sticky situations or take the group so the cabin leaders can have an important conversation with a child.  Disciple cabin leaders through individual mentoring and group devotions.  You will also assist in various guest service roles throughout camp.  Cabin Leader Heads should have a strong relationship with Jesus, be comfortable working with kids of all ages, and have strong mentoring and discipleship skills.

TnT Leader

Back story: TNT = Teens ‘N Training.  These are 14-16 year olds who come for a week at a time to serve in various areas at camp and be part of an intensive discipleship program.  And the discipler for this intensive program would be you.  Help and oversee teens in their service areas, plan and teach Bible studies, mentor, plan and facilitate fun activities, and room with teens and supervise them.  TNT Leaders should have a strong relationship with Jesus, connect well with teens, and be skilled leaders.

Recreation Director

Lifeguard Certification Required.  AKA Director of Fun and Safety.   You will perform regular lifeguard duties and in addition will lead regular trainings and exercises to make sure lifeguards and rec staff are at their best.  In emergency situations you will call the shots and ensure emergency procedures are followed.  You will make schedules, lead team devotions, and maintain all recreation areas.  The Recreation Director should be a skilled leader, an excellent swimmer, and able to remain calm and give directions in emergency situations.

Summer Staff Coordinator

Help the Summer Missions Team program be awesome and effective.  Create weekly staffing schedule, ensure staff are where they need to be, complete various office projects, be ready to fill in at any area of camp needed.  Assist the Full Time Summer Staff Coordinators with any needs, such as planning activities, communication, and paperwork.  The Staff Administrator should be a strong problem-solver, highly organized, and a strong communicator.

Coffee / Gift Shop Manager

Create a wonderful caffeination experience.  Create delicious drinks, run the cash register, chat with campers, and oversee the coffee/gift shop team.  Stock and clean the shop.  Lead devotions for the team, balance the register, assist with making a weekly schedule, and inventory products.  The Coffee/Gift Shop Manager should be friendly, a skilled leader, and attentive to details.

Program Manager's Assistant

Assists in planning programs for Maranatha-run camps; carries out program needs for each camp including running games and activities, giving announcements, amping up excitement, and communicating scheduling needs.

Staff Worship Leader

Lead worship for staff chapels three times a week.  Select music, organize teams, host practices, prepare slides, and run worship sets.  Mentor team members and help with discipleship of entire summer staff.  You will also help with various guest service roles around camp.  The Staff Worship Leader should have a strong relationship with Jesus, be proficient in singing and guitar or piano, and have a heart to see God be glorified.

Resident Assistant / Staff Discipler

Help the summer staff grow in their relationships with Jesus.  Mentor the summer staff, lead Bible studies, be an encourager, plan community activities.  Help the dorms be a great place to live and enforce dorm rules.  The R.A. should have a strong relationship with Jesus, be skilled in mentoring and discipling, and comfortable enforcing rules.

Head Cook

Lead the charge of producing delicious food!  You and your team will cook for large groups, serve, and keep the kitchen in top notch shape.  You will make a plan for the meal preparation, assign tasks, and oversee every step of the meal preparation. Lead devotions for your team, teach the team cooking skills, and ensure that health and cleanliness standards are met.  Head Cooks should be strong leaders, able to maintain order in fast-paced environments, and highly organized.

Health Care Team

Medical Experience Required Your entire job is to help create a distraction-free environment for guests by helping with basic first aid or what your certifications allow. You are a key player in helping our guests and staff stay safe as they focus on quieting down and hearing God speak. Your role is irreplaceable, but it is also filled with much fun and learning as we voyage through the summer.

Sweet Shop Manager

Campers are all about the treats and you get to prepare and serve snacks and ice-cream treats, run the cash register, and make sure campers have a hospitable experience.  Order stock, maintain equipment, balance the register, and keep the shop looking snazzy.  Lead devotions for your team and oversee staff and volunteers.

Summer Ministry Team Positions:


Lifeguard Certification Required.  You are key to keeping kids safe at our outdoor pool and lake.  Monitor swimming, slide, and water toy activities to make sure kids are following the rules and staying safe.  Help save swimmers in distress and carry out emergency procedures when needed.  Keep the recreation areas clean and maintained and assist in various guest service roles around camp as needed.  Lifeguards should be excellent swimmers, able to remain calm in emergency situations, and comfortable enforcing safety rules.

Recreation/Accommodations Assistant

In the mornings you will get the bathrooms looking snazzy.  Help guests have an excellent stay by giving them a clean and comfy environment.  In the afternoon you’ll help campers stay safe and have fun in a variety of areas: Belay at the rock wall, Run the waterslide or blob, Help campers get lifejackets or get their canoe trip started.  Rec/Accom Assistants should be hard-working, attentive to details, and friendly.

Accommodations Assistant

You are the ones who make camp sparkly clean.  During the week you will keep the bathrooms in top notch shape, help with laundry, and ensure guests have a comfortable stay.  On weekends you will clean camp head to toe to get all the cabins shining bright for the next set of kids.  Accommodations Assistants should be hard-working, attentive to details, and have hearts of hospitality.

Paintball Assistant

Fill the world with color by shooting people with it.  Teach campers how to operate paintball guns, follow safety rules, and play a variety of paintball games.  Referee the games.  Help with fixing and maintaining equipment and clean-up.  The Paintball Assistant should be a self-starter, strong communicator, and responsible.

Media Specialist

Everyone has a story. As a Media Specialist, you get the opportunity to be a part of their story by creating photo / video content for them to have. By working alongside your team, the M.S. are responsible for making marketing material, promo videos, highlights, and short stories for each week. Must be proficient with a DSLR camera, have a portfolio, and efficient with Adobe products.

Conference Center /Barista

Caffeinate the masses and keep camp’s hub of activity looking beautiful.  You’ll clean tables, vacuum, set-up for events, clean bathrooms, create delicious custom drinks, run the cash register, and talk with campers.  Candidates for this position should be friendly, attentive to detail, and hard-working.

Conference Center Assistant

Make the conference center sparkly clean.  You will clean tables, vacuum, set-up for events, clean bathrooms, sweep and mop the gym, make sure every little nook and cranny shines.  Conference Center Assistants should be attentive to detail, hard-working, and adaptable.

Hospitality Desk Assistant

Communication Specialists.  If you looooooooooooooovee talking with people and problem-solving this is the role for you.  You will be in our central communication center where you will be available to help guests and staff in person and over the phone.  Answer questions, operate the switchboard, make intercom announcements, know everything about camp.  Hospitality Desk Assistants should have excellent people skills, ability to multi-task, and be great communicators.

Sweet Shop Assistant

Give the campers a sweet sugar-high.  Prepare and serve snacks and ice cream treats, take orders, and chat with campers.  Stock and clean the shop.  Sweet Shop Assistants should be friendly, hard-working, and able to handle late night hours.


Make yummy food!  Follow recipes to chop, stir, mix, bake, sautee, cook, mince, and puree.  As a team you’ll put together delicious meals for large groups, help serve, and keep the kitchen sparkling clean.  Cooks should be hard-workers, thrive in fast-paced environments, and have positive attitudes.

Boat Driver

Boaters Safety License Required. You are campers’ best friend.  Drive boats for tubing and water skiing.  Help campers stay safe and have fun, clean and maintain boats, and chat with campers.  Boat Drivers should be friendly, comfortable enforcing safety rules, and responsible.

Grounds/Maintenance Assistant

Keep camp running smoothly.  So many possibilities- mowing, weed-whacking, painting, driving heavy equipment, fixing anything and everything.  Grounds maintenance workers should be self-starters, hard-workers, and responsible.

Craft Shop Assistant

If you love being creative this is the role for you.  Help campers make various crafts- beads, ceramics, leather stamping, bracelets, stepping stones, tye-dye, picture frames, and anywhere your imagination takes you,  purchase and prepare craft items, chat with campers, keep the shop clean.  The craft shop assistant should be creative, friendly, and responsible.

Applicants must be 16 years of age to apply.

With more questions you can contact:

Dave Loos
Summer Staff Coordinator

Carly Loos
Summer Staff Coordinator

Summer Staff training

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