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Summer Ministry Team

At Maranatha, you may come to serve, but you will leave with something more valuable; community. Working at a non-ministry job can be very difficult and draining. It is hard to find like-minded people. Working on the Maranatha Ministry team, we invest in you. We cultivate leadership skills while living out what it means to be a part of something bigger. Working for the Kingdom is a treasure worth more than all the riches in the world. We desire to be a team who values Christ over currency. People who want more in their life than just “good” or “acceptable”. Good is the enemy of great. We strive to be great for the Kingdom while giving biblical truths to stand firm in your faith. Are you ready to be great?

Benefits Include:
$125 / Week Honorarium
Free Lodging and Meals
Leadership training: May 18-23
Staff training: May 22-31

Summer Ministry Team Positions:

Cabin Leader

Mentors and disciples a group of campers during our Maranatha-run programs each week. As a cabin leader you will room with the campers and attend the variety of activities with them while guiding them in growing closer to God. Must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply for this position!

Cook Lead

Assigns and oversees the cooks’ different tasks during the meals. Plans the timing of when each food item needs to be prepared as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen and proper food handling techniques. Promotes great teamwork and helps with leading devotions for the department. Preferable that applicants be 17 years of age or older to apply!


Oversees guests in the lake and pool to ensure their safety and compliance with the safety rules. Maintains and cleans pool, beach, and lake. If needed, will also be required to perform water rescues and other basic first aid duties. Must have or receive an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.

Recreation/Accommodations Assistant

Assists guests in proper usage at the waterfront, archery range, rock wall, and other camp accommodations. Also assists in the cleaning of bathrooms and housing for guests.

Paintball Assistant

Assists the paintball lead during games; helping to referee games and ensure that safety rules are properly followed. Also assists in the cleaning and maintaining of equipment.


Documents camp activities through picture and videos. Catalogs photos and videos as well as updates social media sites. Assists in other positions as needed.

Office Aide

Assists office staff with filing, phone calls, registration, research and a variety of other office needs. Runs errands to fulfill any needs guests have. May also be asked to float around to other areas and fill in as needed.

Sporting Clays/Grounds Aide

Assists guests with sporting clays as well as assisting in the maintenance needs for clays and the appearance of camp grounds.

Program Lead

Assists in planning programs for Maranatha-run camps; carries out program needs for each camp including running games and activities, giving announcements, amping up excitement, and communicating scheduling needs.

Cabin Leader Head

Assists cabin leaders with needs that arise during the weeks of our Maranatha-run programs. This can include; providing breaks, supporting them in helping with their campers, as well as performing additional planning needs. Preferable that applicants be 20 years of age or older to apply!

Conference Center Assistant/Barista

Assists the conference center lead in setting up/tearing down and cleaning the dining hall, gym, and conference center after each use. This includes maintaining clean and stocked bathrooms. As a Barista, you will prepare beverages in the coffee shop as well as ensures the cleanliness and upkeep. This includes making sure that everything is in order and stocked as needed. Greets guests and engages them in conversation when possible.

Lifeguard Lead

Oversees regular training, exercise, and preparedness of lifeguard team. Oversees the work and maintenance of the beach and pool as well as the life-guarding duties. Promotes great teamwork and leads devotions for the department. Must have or receive an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.

Recreation Director

Oversees the proper operation of recreational activities, schedules the needed staff for each event and coordinates with the program team to prepare for the various activities. Also oversees the work of the recreational staff. Promotes great teamwork for the department and plans and leads devotions for the department.

Accommodations Lead

Oversees and assists the accommodations teams’ work; ensuring guest housing is cleaned properly as well as assisting with laundry each week. Promotes great teamwork and leads devotions for the department.

Hospitality Desk Assistant

Operates the information center for camp. Assists guests with any informational needs that arise, answers phone calls and transfers to the appropriate department. Runs the check-out of keys and camper bank system. Ensures guests receive a hospitable stay at camp and have each need met. Preferable that applicants be 18 years of age or older to apply!

Sweet Shop Assistant

Assists the sweet shop lead in maintaining the cleanliness of the shop as well as assisting in taking orders, preparing snack items and delivering items to customers.

Worship Leader

Leads worship time for S.M.T through creative avenues. This will often be through music. The worship leader will also be in charge of the selection of music for services and selects musical teams; leading them in practice beforehand. Will also assist in recreation as needed. Must have the ability to play a musical instrument. Will be required to submit a video audition of you playing a worship song during the interview process.

Resident Assistant/Spiritual Formation Leader

Helps S.M.T with any needs they have in the dorm, enforces curfew and proper dorm etiquette, helps make the dorm a great place to live, encourages staff in spiritual growth through avenues such as Bible study, mentoring, and prayer. Must be at least 18/graduated high school to apply for this position.


Under the guidance of the Cook Lead, the cook prepares meals for all guests and staff as well as ensures the cleanliness of the kitchen and proper food handling techniques.

Conference Center Lead

Oversees and aids in the setting up/tearing down and cleaning of the dining hall, gym, and conference center after each use. Also ensures that all areas are properly set up and cleaned. Promotes great teamwork and leads devotionals for the department.

Boat Driver

Pulls guests on tubes and skis as well as maintains the cleanliness and safe operation of the boat. Ensures safety of participants and if needed performs water rescues. Talks with guests and makes sure they’re having a great time. Helps with various maintenance needs around camp as necessary. Must have or receive an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.

Paintball Lead

Oversees the proper operation of paintball. Cleans and maintains equipment, referees games, and ensures safety rules are properly followed.

Sound/Light Technician

Operates the soundboard and lighting for chapel services throughout the summer. Also responsible in setting up sound and lighting for other recreation activities.

Grounds/Maintenance Assistant

Aids with the upkeep and maintenance of camp grounds. This includes mowing, weed-whacking, and other general maintenance needs of camp.

Health Care Team

Provides basic first aid for all guests and staff. Some health care certifications may be required due to the nature of the job and the helping with all emergency and non-emergency medical situations.

Dorm Parent

Encourages staff in spiritual growth and aids in promoting community amongst the staff. This could include leading Bible studies, mentoring staff members, and running staff activities. Must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply for this position. It would be preferred that the applicants be a married couples who will work together as dorm “mom” and dorm “dad”.

TnT Leader

Mentors and encourages a group of TnT’s (Teens n’ Training-students are ages 14-16 years of age) each week. This includes encouraging spiritual growth through Bible studies, mentoring and prayer. Aides the TnT Coordinator in planning and running daily activities and ensuring the safety of TnT’s.

Applicants must be 16 years of age to apply.

With more questions you can contact:

Dave Loos
Summer Staff Coordinator

Carly Loos
Summer Staff Coordinator