Changed Lives





Summer Ministry Team


At Maranatha, you may come to serve, but you will leave with something more valuable; community. Working at a non-ministry job can be very difficult and draining. It is hard to find like-minded people. Working on the Maranatha Ministry team, we invest in you. We cultivate leadership skills while living out what it means to be a part of something bigger. Working for the Kingdom is a treasure worth more than all the riches in the world. We desire to be a team who values Christ over currency. People who want more in their life than just “good” or “acceptable”. Good is the enemy of great. We strive to be great for the Kingdom while giving biblical truths to stand firm in your faith. Are you ready to be great?

The Summer Ministry Team program is packed with spreading the Gospel, serving, community, personal and spiritual growth, and Changed Lives.  Team members serve in a variety of roles, live at camp, and draw closer to God through staff chapels, personal mentoring, group devotionals, and support in your walk with God.  Your aim is to be part of God’s live changing work as campers come to hear more about God and how to grow in relationship with Him.  But in the process your life will be changed also.

Benefits Include:

Crew Staff:  $125 a week Stipend pay
First year staff members

Varsity Staff: $135 a week Stipend pay
Returning Staff members

Lead Staff: $155 a week Stipend pay
Managerial Staff 

Fundraising option available

Free Lodging and Meals

Leadership training: May 18 – 20
Staff training: May 20 – 26
End date: August 12

Available Staffing Positions 

Job descriptions for each position can be found within the application

Recreation Staff Positions
Recreation Lead


Boat Driver

Adventure Staff (Responsible for helping in the running of waterfront activities, rock wall, zip line, paintball, and archery)



Technology Staff Positions
Sound & Light Technician

IT Help

Media Specialist (Photography, website, video)

Kitchen Staff Positions
Lead (Head) Cooks

Kitchen Staff

Dish Room Lead

Care Team Staff Positions
Security Team Staff

Healthcare Team Staff

Hospitality Desk/Office Aide Staff

Program Assistant

Cabin Leaders

Conference Center Staff Positions
Conference Center Lead

Conference Center Staff

Accommodations Staff Positions
Accommodations (housekeeping) Lead

Accommodations (housekeeping) Staff


Retail Staff Positions
Sweet Shop Lead

Sweet Shop Staff

Coffee & Gift Shop Lead

Coffee & Gift Shop Staff

Craft Shop Lead

Craft Shop Staff

Grounds & Maintenance Staff Positions
Grounds (Weed pulling, gardening, landscaping) Staff

Maintenance Staff

Mowing Staff

Teens 'n Training Staff Positions
Male TnT Discipleship Leader

Female TnT Discipleship leader

By applying you agree to the following:
I believe that my position at Camp is of vital importance and a part of the larger goal of introducing people to Christ, deepening their relationship with him, and encouraging people to a life of service for their Lord. I also understand that while I desire to work in the above department the majority of time, I am willing to be trained and work in other supplementary departments as determined by the needs of camp. I understand that flexibility and variety are keywords. I am aware that it is the goal of the Camp administration that I be scheduled at least one day off per week.  Further, I understand that my day off and the hours per day of service may vary from week to week, that I may be asked to work some longer days when needed and that I will be called upon to help in all kinds of ways to serve our guests well, and serving wherever is needed to make the camp run smoothly.  I will do my best to keep my attitude cheerful through difficult times. I realize that I am coming to serve Maranatha’s guests and this will be my first priority throughout the summer.
Applicants must be 16 by May 20th to apply

Questions? Contact Courtney Lee, our Program Director, at or 308.582.4513 ext 141