Here I am Lord, send m….. Oh you want me to stay 🙂

Hello. My name is Mak. This is where I tell you how excited I am about what I’m doing.

Serving Ain’t Easy

This is where I tell you what I do at camp and how it impacts the Kingdom of God.

Why Maranatha?

This is where I talk about why I love Maranatha which may include some of the following tidbits:

Maranatha is a non-denominational Christian Camp situated on 306 acres. The camp exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus as savior, training them in Christian living, and sending them out to represent Christ to the world. On campus are several recreational areas (including a swimming pool and a 40 acre lake) and over 50 buildings (including a conference center/gymnasium/dining hall/chapel/kitchen, dormitories, motel-style buildings, and small cabins). Each year, Maranatha hosts nearly 10,000 guests of all ages, giving them a place to connect with God and make life-changing decisions.

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