Exciting news!

Maranatha is going to renovate the Sweet Shop for year round use! It is also the original camp dining hall. It is such a key place for indoor fun and interacting socially during the summer that we realized it is an attraction to make available to campers more months of the year.

The budget is $50,000, and a generous Maranatha friend has offered a $25,000 matching fund!

The deadline to have the money raised is August 14th. We are also making this the focus of our camper offerings each camp session as well.

For the Maranatha alumni going back to 1971 and earlier, the dining hall was at the center of camp right across from the Old Tabernacle.  So many good memories are involved with the dining hall.  Depending on the weather, many times young people that came forward in chapel to make a decision, they walked across the path with a leader to the dining hall for counsel and prayer.   Just this spring a man showed me about where he sat in the old dining hall and prayed to accept Christ’s salvation with the assistance of his youth pastor back in the 1960’s.


We will upgrade the Sweet Shop with insulation, efficient heat & air system, windows as needed, roof repair, siding, etc.