The​ Sweet Shop/ Original Dining Hall Matching Fund​ GOAL WAS REACHED in the 60 day window deadline ending Monday midnight August 14th. Gifts kept coming in​ during​ the last many days of the fund raising event​.​ As the deadline neared, one couple from western Nebraska pledged to give the remaining funds needed to match the full $25,000!

Each week this summer the campers had opportunity to give ​to this project ​during chapel gatherings. The sweet shop and coffee/gift shop​ also​ had offering boxes and “round up purchase to nearest dollar”​ available​ at the cash registers. Parents of campers​ and summer volunteer ​cabin leaders ​also received a postal reminder while our weekly email went out with updates.

If you follow Maranatha Camp on Facebook, you know the Maranatha Moose and Bear traveled and were photographed in 48 states with the Jamison family as a fun way to remind people of the project. People responded with gifts online and mailed in checks.

Thanks again to all who had a part!

About the Renovation

Maranatha is going to renovate the Sweet Shop for year round use! Having been such a key place for indoor fun and interacting socially during the summer, we intend to make it available to campers more months of the year. With the funds raised, we will upgrade the Sweet Shop with insulation, efficient heat & air system, windows as needed, roof repair, siding, etc.

Building on a Legacy

Maranatha alumni going back to 1971 and earlier may remember the Sweet Shop as the original dining hall. Located at the center of camp right across from the Old Tabernacle, so many good memories involved the dining hall.  For example, many times young people who came forward in chapel to make a decision would then cross the path with a leader to the dining hall for counsel and prayer.  Just this spring a man shared his story of sitting old dining hall and praying to accept Christ’s salvation with the assistance of his youth pastor back in the 1960’s.