Teens in Training

Teens in Training

Teens in Training

Teens in Training

Teens in Training (TnT)

Who is being trained?
Students ages 14 – 16 years of age

When are they being trained?
There are ten weeks to choose from. Students may choose up to three weeks.

Why are they being trained?
We currently live in a culture that is so focused on preparing teens for the future. Yes, they are our future and it is important for us to prep them for it. So often though, we forget to train them to be leaders or to serve and live out their faith now. We become so focused on what could be that we neglect to do what should be. As a TnT team we are passionate in helping to train teens in leadership and service so they may strengthen their churches and families not only in years to come, but now, in the present time. We do this during their weeks with us by walking alongside and challenging them in their pursuit for God and His will for their life, helping them to discover the person God created them to be.


 Check below to see how much space is left each week!
Week Available Spots
May 26 – June 1 Girls: FULL , Boys: 6
June 2 – June 8 (Jr/Primary Camp) FULL
June 9 – June 15 (Sr High) Girls: Full, Boys: 6
June 16 – June 22 (Middle School 1) FULL
June 23 – June 29 (Middle School 2) FULL
July 2 –  July 6 (Family Camp) Girls: Full, Boys: 9
July 7 – July 13  Girls: Full, Boys:4
July 14 – July 20 Girls: 2, Boys: 8
July 21 – July 27 Girls: Full, Boys: 11
July  28 – August 3  13
August 4 – August 10 20

**NOTE: The weeks you sign up for are not guaranteed to you until you are officially accepted into the program – the TnT Coordinator reserves the right to decide which weeks you have been accepted into or to suggest that another week is picked when they feel it is necessary.  Applicants will be informed upon acceptance into the program.

**If you would like to be put on a waiting list for any of the full weeks above, please contact Kristen: kristen@maranathacamp.org

What are they being trained in?

Spiritual Walk

Training our students in their spiritual walk is one of the most important aspects of the TnT program. Our goal is to provide a variety of activities that aid in this growth. One of the ways we do this is by conducting daily Bible Studies that vary in topic and are easily applicable to their lives. These often encourage deeper discussions and questions that as a team we help them to explore. To learn more about their stories and help them on a personal level we seek out one on one time with individual TnT’s. Also, as discipleship leaders, our team provides the students with tools and different ideas on how to conduct a personal quiet time. Overall our goal is to equip students to pursue and develop their own spiritual walk.

Leadership Development

To help strengthen churches and families we aide in the leadership development of the students. We want the students that come through out program to come out with the skills and confidence necessary to be effective leaders. We do this by providing opportunities for TnT’s to take on leadership roles under the guidance and encouragement of their TnT Coordinator and leaders. One of the ways we accomplish this is by allowing them to lead Bible Studies, work shifts and discussion groups.


As a TnT team we strive to teach the students what it means to serve Christ and to do so joyfully. We demonstrate to them that service means putting others before yourself even if it is an inconvenience. Our goal is for the students to realize that service has nothing to do with ourselves but rather glorifying God in our work. We provide the teens with many opportunities to work in real life jobs where this idea can be put into practice. We also teach them that serving is fun and not something to dread. For many teens, this is their first work experience, therefore, as a team we want to be role models that display what a servant of God looks like.

Meet TNT Coordinator Kristen

My name is Kristen Price and I am the TnT Coordinator at Maranatha Bible Camp. I recently moved from Cheyenne, Wyoming to work full time on the TnT program. While in Cheyenne I spent 3 years substitute teaching as well as volunteering in my churches youth group for 6 years. I ran the middle schools girls group, known as the Ruffles, at the church I attended. It is my hearts desire to reach out to youth and help point them and guide them to Christ. I coordinated the TnT program last summer and it was a blessing and such a joy to watch kids continue or even start on their journey with Christ. My desire is to see that our future generations are prepared for whats ahead by helping to train them in their spiritual walk.

What does a week of TnT look like?
The TnT Program encompasses a large variety of activities. This includes; Bible Studies, fun outings, prayer groups, quiet times, one on one time, cabin times and work times. In every activity we want to incorporate spiritual truths that can benefit them in their faith. The schedule varies week by week based on the group size and the needs of camp. As TnT’s are accepted into the program we will send out a more detailed and specific weekly schedule, including the material being covered and activities for the week.

As a bonus students who complete their scheduled weeks will earn a discounted week of camp. For each week students will receive 30% off the registration fee of the summer camp program they choose to attend.
1 week = 30% off camp fee
2 weeks = 60% off camp fee

To help offset the costs of TnT and our weekly activities, this year we will be having a activities fee. This fee will be $25 for each week. This will help cover your activities as well as lesson materials for the week!


For more information or questions contact Kristen at:

kristen@maranathacamp.org or 308.582.4513 ext. 148