Whether you are between jobs, have an open weekend, have a summer free from school or are just looking for a short-term missions project, please consider volunteering your service so people will continue to be able to hear about God’s wonderful plan of salvation, be trained in Christian disciplines and be challenged for future service. Come join us for life changing work!  General Volunteer needs at Maranatha Camp include but are not limited to clean-up after camps, painting, and upkeep, assistance during events, etc. You can volunteer just a few hours, a day, or more and also by being a cabin leader as well.

For more info on cabin leaders please visit the respective camp you are interested in. We ask our volunteers to have the same commitment toward serving the Lord and to uphold the same standards of conduct as the rest of the summer staff. As a volunteer, your housing and meals will be provided for long-term volunteers during your time of service.

Questions? Contact Maranatha Reservations 308-582-4513 ex 141 or reservations@maranathacamp.org