2018 Year in Review

Dear friends of Maranatha Bible Camp,

In Matthew 13, Jesus shared the parable of the sower and his seeds. He spoke of the farmer who went out to sow his
seeds and, as he scattered them, some fell along the path and were eaten by birds, some fell on rocky places with no
soil, while others sprang up quickly but in the shallow soil withered because they had no roots. However, the seeds the
farmer spread in the good soil produced a crop that Jesus said was a hundred times what was sown! I often think of
our children, teenagers, and young families as these seeds. They are scattered into this world, and what better “good
soil” to impact them in than that of Maranatha Bible Camp and Retreats.

For generations, thousands of souls have walked the cedar trees and lake shores of Maranatha Bible Camp. For over
80 years, Maranatha Bible Camp has changed the lives of so many by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching
the unchanging truth of God’s Word, sharing what it means to live the Christian life, and forging lifelong bonds of

2018 was another wonderful year, and Lord willing, you were able to share in it with us! Twelve thousand campers
and guests, five hundred and fifty first-time campers, with ninety-one young people committing their lives to Christ
and hundreds more strengthened in their Christian walk. Over one hundred summer staff and volunteers graciously
gave their time to serve the Lord. Friendships were created and renewed, many games and memorable activities were
played, Bible pages turned, heads bowed in prayer, and voices lifted in songs of praise to Almighty God.

A fourteen-year-old freshman in high school reflected on her week of Camp this summer, “I just wanted to thank you
for giving me such an amazing experience. I can’t even express how life giving that week of camp was for me, and how
much closer to God I became. I honestly came to camp expecting to hang out with old friends and do a lot of fun activities
all week, and I left with so much more!”

All this would not be possible without generous year end support from Maranatha friends and alumni. Year after year
your donations have helped Maranatha Bible Camp sustain ministry and expand ministry, improve and build new facilities
and provide new experiences for campers to deepen their faith. Your donations help allow campers the chance
to learn about Christian missions and to build a culture of serving the Lord in our generation. Ultimately, your year
end donation will be a part of the “good soil” that our children will be planted in, take root in, and grow in Christ.

Registration fees for regular camp weeks cover 60% of the total cost of keeping Maranatha going (based on the average
of the past 5 years). The rest is provided by donations from friends like you.Would you prayerfully consider making a
special year-end gift to Maranatha Bible Camp? Our goal this year is $100,000 by December 31, 2018.


Kris Cheek, Executive Director

You can give by mailing in a check, indicate your gift is for “YEAR END” on the response envelope.
Donate online at: https://www.shelbygiving.com/g3/h/

** Special Note: This is a great year to make gifts of appreciated stock to avoid capital gains. **