Dear Friend,

Nov/Dec 2016

Your generous gifts are helping Maranatha touch the lives of thousands. The last 6 months alone gifts and support have helped Maranatha minister to 7000 people of all ages across our 5 state region. That is a small town! As we look back over this past summer, we want to rejoice with you over every person blessed by the ministry!

Together we are transforming lives through the power of the Gospel. Children are receiving God’s Love and God’s Word in a world that is so often hostile to Jesus’ precious message. Families are being renewed relationally, spiritually, and physically. And teens are embracing God’s Grace and Freedom. Read this testimony from a Senior High Camper last summer.

It has been said over and over here at Camp that we should talk about our problems, talk about our sin, talk about the lies of the world that we believe. But what if it is something you just ‘can’t’ talk about? I am called by God to be pure, a saint and a holy temple for the Lord, if this is true, then I am a failure to my entire religion… I have been abused… I am no saint… I have defiled the temple of God… it’s just… I feel I cannot talk about these things. People will see me differently, they’ll see a victim, a self-centered child who cannot hold her said beliefs… how can I talk about this when I don’t want to be seen? Even now I feel selfish writing this to talk about myself in ‘this’ way… I don’t know… I feel like I need help, but am too prideful to ask. Help.

A letter from a Senior High Camper

Maranatha is a ministry where your commitment and partnership help us to provide the answers to the big questions that our campers are asking. Their schools, their friends, and sometimes even their families will not or are unable to help them with life changing truth. My wife Natalie and I have been in pastoral and missionary work for 15 years and we are thrilled to be serving you and Maranatha Bible Camp to reach across generations with the power of the gospel through the power of camp.

Partner with us to…

1. Renew The Family
Our Family Renewal Initiative will help families to get away, quiet down and renew their dependence on God.

2. Provide A Safe Place
Our facilities and property require constant upkeep and development to provide a wonderful experience at camp.

3. Accomplish Off Season Work
Help us plan and prepare for next summer by supporting our staff’s vital work during the winter months.

Our plan to reach children, teens and families with life-giving ministry calls for $100,000 by December 31, 2016. God has given us a big plan. We are convinced that together we can do it! Every gift is so important and helpful.

You have our commitment that everyone here at Camp works to serve Christ to maximize your partnership and support. When it comes to reaching those in need of the Gospel, there is no time to waste. Please send your gift today.

As people continue searching in this dark world, Maranatha Bible Camp will continue as a beacon of light for Christ.


I hope to hear from you soon,

Kris Cheek
Executive Director