Young Adult Retreat


Young adults age 18-28. We bring together like minded individuals and from all over the mid-west for a weekend of amazing activities, great speakers, fantastic music, and more great coffee and food than you’ll know what to do with. Join in the many activities of camp or if you’d rather simply hang out with friends and meet some new people we’ve got plenty of space in the newly remodeled Sweet Shop.

So come reconnect with your friends, make some new ones, and Unite with other believers around your relationship with God in a place free of distractions and surrounded by His creation. 

Age: 18-30

Dates: March 22-24

Rates: $100 Per Person


Kris Cheek

Kris Cheek

Kris Cheek is Maranatha’s Executive Director! Kris has a background in youth ministry and sports evangelism as well as church planting and administration. According to Facebook, he enjoys long walks on the beach and selfies with his wife Natalie.

Worship Leader

(Coming Soon)

Come Early and Volunteer!

Spring time at Camp is full of hustle and bustle as we prepare for our summer camping season. Volunteering for a day or two is a fun and rewarding way to help the ministry of Maranatha. We often don’t have enough staff to prepare the grounds and facilities for our summer season. We would like to offer you an extra (free) night of lodging and meals if you can come and volunteer/work for a day or two before the retreat. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on a minute of the weekend. Interested? Call or email Will Powers at 308-582-4513, Ext 141 or