Sporting Clays

Either 7 or 8 shooting stations are arranged in various locations on the course. Each shooter will shoot at a total of 50 rocks from inside these stations. Shooters form groups of not more than 5 who shoot together, moving from station to station until they have completed the course. Each station has two completely different ‘presentations’ which are thrown from remote controlled ‘throwers’ but all have an instruction card telling:

a) how many rocks will be thrown (usually either 6 or 8)

b) describing the ‘presentation’ of the rocks (i.e. left to right, incoming, overhead, rabbit, etc.

c) whether the rocks will be thrown as ‘true pairs’, ‘report pairs’.

When a shooter is ready, he steps into the station (gun unloaded), chambers his shells, takes his gun off ‘Safe’, then calls for the rocks by saying ‘Pull’. When the shooter has fired his 6-8 shells he immediately leaves the station (gun in ‘Safe’ mode and unloaded) and the next shooter (who is to be ready and waiting outside of the station with unloaded gun in hand) repeats the process, shooters moving steadily in and out of the station so as not to slow up the next group of shooters coming from the previous station.

Sporting Clays – $20 (50 rocks)
Skeet – $10 (25 rocks)
5 Stand – $10 (25 rocks)
Lewis Class Tourney – $5 (optional)

Breakfast, BBQ lunch, and refreshments available.
No alcoholic beverages on grounds.
Eye and ear protection required.
Shells not available.

Before Joining, Please Consider:

  • If the attendee(s) begins showing symptoms of illness, please stay home and plan to attend a future event after symptoms clear.

Please Note: We have a no-pet policy. Please do not bring pets. Thank You.