Sponsoring Registrations

Attention Church Leaders! And anyone else who would like to sponsor a portion or the entirety of camp registration fees for members of your group. Sponsorship is a feature in our registration software, where you give us some information and limitations, and we set up a code that you can distribute to who you wish!


Options You Can Set In A Sponsorship

  • Total Amount Available– How much is the max that you/your organization want to put forward to sponsor campers?
  • Individual Amount Available– How much is available per redemption of the sponsorship?
  • Per Person or Per Account– Are you offering the sponsorship for each person, or once per each family/account?
  • Expiration Date– Your sponsorship will automatically cease on this date
  • Notifications– Would you like to receive email notifications when people redeem a sponsorship?

You can also allow a registrant to enter the amount of the sponsorship that they are redeeming, but this is only useful in unique situations.


How To Get Started

  1. Create an account here if you don’t have one already
  2. Email [email protected] with your account Name and Email Address, as well as your choice in the options listed above
  3. We will set up the sponsorship and provide you with a code
  4. You distribute the code to whoever you want
  5. Campers register as usual. When they reach the cart, they enter the sponsorship code as a discount code
  6. You can sign in to your account to monitor the sponsorship and make payments. Payments are due by the start of camp sessions.

Note: A sponsorship can not be constrained to a specific camp session.


Do You Need A Scholarship?

If you are a camper or parent in search of a scholarship, we do offer scholarships to those who can’t otherwise afford to send their kid to camp. You can read more information about that here: Scholarship Information. Currently scholarships are only available for our summer youth camps.