Camp Coin

Maranatha Camp is now offering gift cards, “Camp Coin,” as a cashless payment option that can be used in our Coffee Shop, our Sweet Shop, and for any paid activity signups.

Camp coin has the benefits of campers not needing to carry physical funds, as well as enabling you to remotely reload their funds. Camp Coin must be set up in advance of camp- we are no longer offering cash to Camp Coin conversions at check-in.

We still accept cash and card as well.

As long as you purchase Camp Coin with a debit/credit card, balance refunds are as easy as an email request to [email protected].

How To Setup a Camp Coin

You will need a distinct email and phone number for each person intended to use Camp Coin during the same week of camp. Whoever is redeeming Camp Coin needs to be able to recite their phone number.

 1. Order the Gift Card

Visit our eGift Card link here:

Choose the…

  • Gift Card design
  • Amount
  • Email address to send it to (note- if you want to limit multiple kids, each with their own sum, during the same week of camp, then each card needs to be sent to a different email address.)

And then complete the purchase.


2. Open The Gift Card Email

As the recipient, wait to receive a confirmation email with a title like “[Name You Entered] sent you a Gift Card”. (You will also receive a separate receipt email confirmation/receipt of your purchase.)

From the email containing the Gift Card, Do Not Print, but instead, click the button that says “View Your eGift card.”

Keep going! One more step.


3. Add Your Phone Number

On the webpage that opens, choose the option to add your phone number. You may need to add your email first. Your phone number is how you will redeem your gift card for purchases at checkout. Make sure whoever is using the gift card can recite your phone number.  Also, this means that if you have multiple campers who you want to have their own gift cards, each one should be tied to a different phone number. 

Done! After this step, your card is ready for use at camp.


F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need a Phone Number for each camper?

If multiple gift cards are on the same account, when we look the account up, we won’t be able to tell which gift card is which, and one camper may use some of their siblings’ balance when redeeming.

What happens if I have funds remaining on my gift card?

If you have funds left after camp, you may choose to leave them on the gift card for future visits (Skate Nights, future Camps and Retreats).

If you don’t want to keep the funds on the card, you can submit the rest to camp as a donation. Gift Cards also fall under our standard Payment and Refund Policy, under which you may request a refund, allowing for processing time. For either donating the balance or refunding, please email requests to [email protected].

How do I check my balance?

Please retain the original email that you receive at the email address that you send the gift card to. Using that email, you can view the gift card to reload or check balance. If you don’t have the email, you can login to your Square Gift Card Customer Portal with the email you attached to the gift card to check your balance. You can also visit our Maranatha Square Store Balance Check link.

Gift Card Policy

Value does not expire. At the end of your event, if there is still a balance remaining, you may leave it on for a future visit/event, or you can email [email protected] to request to donate the balance or to request a refund of the remaining balance.




Get a Gift Card!

In case you missed the link at the top or were still deciding til now, here’s where to order: