Your gift in cryptocurrency can make an impact in lives at Maranatha Camp. 

Below you can choose to give an amount equivalent to a specific value in USD or, you can give a variable amount of your choosing. All crypto gifts currently enter the general fund by default. To designate a crypto gift, please email us at [email protected].

Fixed-Value Gift

Select an amount and follow instructions to give a gift in crypto with a fixed equivalent value in USD. Please plan to be able to leave your window open for a few minutes to complete a confirmation process as the relative values of cryptocurrencies are fluid, and the system live-updates the crypto-USD conversion rate as time passes. In this transaction, your gift includes a 2-3% conversion cost.

Identifiable Fixed-Value Gift

Anonymous Fixed-Value Gift

If you wish to contribute a larger amount in cryptocurrency, there are two options:

  • Contact us at [email protected] requesting a link for a specific equivalent-value in USD. Identity verification may be required. Donations with this method over 15k USD have a lower conversion cost of 1%.
  • Use our alternate method of acceptance for a Custom-Value Gift below. 

Custom-Value Gift

With this option, you can give the specific amount in cryptocurrency that you would like. This method does not have confirmation of the gift value in USD, but our team will convert it to USD following your transaction.

*An email address is still required for the anonymous option

More Ways To Give

If you wound up here, but are looking for traditional ways to give, or more information, please use the buttons below.