Get away, quiet down, and hear God speak.

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Upcoming Community Events

Retreats For Youth, Families, Individuals, and Couples

We believe that we ourselves, our children, and our families need regular opportunities to be renewed, refreshed, and reconnected with themselves and each other, away from the frenzy of our day-to-day, worldly lives. Maranatha facilitates these crucial experiences by hosting a variety of summer camps for youth of all ages — as well as year-round family retreats, community events, Christian discipleship programs, and more for other ages and life stages of guests.

Upcoming Camps & Retreats

Winter Youth Retreat

Powerful teaching, new memories, exciting activities, and impactful worship all in one weekend.

Women's Retreat

Join us for a time of worship, teaching, fellowship, and what it means to be a Godly woman.

Young Adults' Retreat

Get away from the stress of life and connect with others in your own stage of life, and experience a time to quiet down.

Dad & Me Retreat

Dads, take the opportunity to get away from your busy life to spend quality time away with your kids.

Short Stay Getaways

We are excited to offer camp friends and alumni the use of our Lakeside Houses for short-stay getaways.

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Maranatha offers our camp to guests for a wide range of events. Though primarily we do church retreats, if schedule permits, we can accommodate retreats, family reunions and even team building events for businesses. Pricing is unique for each event due to different amenities chosen, and other factors. We do this to offer you as much fun as possible. Fill out a form below to find out more and start your event!

For more information contact us at: [email protected] 308-330-0062

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