Summer Ministry Team

Status: 2022 Applications Now Open!

Eligibility: 16+ years age requirement (exception may be available for 15 year olds)


Team members live and work at camp while drawing closer to God and to other like-minded young people. Your aim is to be part of God’s life-changing work as campers come to hear more about God and how to grow in relationship with Jesus. But in the process, your life will be changed also!


Maranatha offers a wide variety of summer ministry jobs. Are you looking to make a personal impact on campers? Cabin Leading might be for you. More interested in a behind-the-scenes role? You could be on Rec staff, Kitchen Crew, or Retail. From boat drivers to guest services, we’re looking to fill a ton of different ministry jobs at Camp this summer! See positions below!

Safely guard the waterfront area on the Maranatha beach and fulfill other roles as assigned by camp leadership. Lifeguard Certification is preferred.

Perform regular maintenance and upkeep on all waterfront equipment as well as managing all waterfront activities, lifeguards and anyone else working waterfront. This position fulfills other roles at camp as assigned by camp leadership. Lifeguard Certification is required.* (Lead Staff) *If not certified, Maranatha will provide certification.

Cabin leaders directly minister to campers in light of the influence they gain through cabin life, chapel times and activities, and sharing camp experiences. In addition to creating an environment of serious fun, cabin leaders most importantly will share the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ with their campers. Cabin leading primarily happens during the first half of summer only. These positions fulfill other roles at camp as assigned by camp leadership. (Lead Staff) MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER TO APPLY

The Resident Assistant lives in the summer staff dorm and serves as a leader, helper and resource person for summer staff. The position serves as a critical link between the summer staff and the Summer Staff Manager. The position requires being a representative of Maranatha and a representative of summer staff issues in the dorm and across campus. In addition, RA’s fulfill other roles at camp as assigned by camp leadership. (Lead Staff)

From zip line and rock wall to waterfront and paintball, these recreational activities offer something for every adventurous guy or gal. Exact activities vary from week to week. Rec Staffers will also serve part-time in housekeeping and retail. POSITIONS AVAILABLE: FULL

Assist the Camp Recreation Manager with oversight of Rec activities and staff. Fulfill other roles as assigned by camp leadership. (Lead Staff)

Safely drive campers and families on the Maranatha lake, pulling campers on tubes. Fulfill other roles as assigned by camp leadership. Boat Drivers will also serve part-time in housekeeping and retail.

Ensure the health and safety of campers by assisting with various health care needs. (Lead Staff)

Keep camp programs organized and running smoothly in a high energy and detail-oriented role. Fulfill other roles as assigned by camp leadership. (Regular Staff - Not Lead)

Under the guidance of the Accommodations Lead, the assistant aids in keeping the camp lodging and buildings clean and tidy for guests.

Keep the Maranatha campus looking its best! Groundskeepers help with mowing, weed whacking, weeding, gardening, litter, watering, and other tasks and projects.

Under the guidance of the Kitchen Lead, the kitchen staff prepare meals for all guests and staff as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen and proper food handling techniques.

Assigns and oversees the cooks; different tasks during the meals. Plans the timing of when each food item needs to be prepared as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen and proper food handling techniques. (Lead Staff)

TnT offers teens ages 14-16 the opportunity to pick 3 out of 10 available weeks of the summer to learn to serve others while working hard and having fun, to grow in their spiritual walk, and to develop as servant leaders in their generation. TnT leaders are on the front lines of discipling, cabin leading, and mentoring these teens. (Lead Staff)

Operates the soundboard and lighting for chapel services throughout the summer. Also responsible in setting up sound and lighting for other recreation activities. Fulfills other roles as assigned by camp leadership. (Regular Staff - Not Lead)

Help serve up the sweets and treats that keep our campers going. Retail spaces include Coffee Shop, Gift Shop, Sweet Shop, and Craft Shop. In addition, Retail team members fulfill other roles as assigned by camp leadership.

Function as a supervisor in one of the retail spaces, Overseeing other retail staff and overall quality control with customer service, products, and training. Fulfill other roles as assigned by camp leadership. (Lead Staff)

Greeting campers and guests, answering questions, giving directions. Receiving phone calls. Answering emails. Managing emergency communications. Fulfill other roles at camp as assigned by camp leadership.

Helping with various maintenance needs around camp; painting, building, driving equipment etc.

This position is responsible to the Executive Director to fulfill the mission, vision, and commitments of Maranatha Camp and Retreat Center through facility stewardship and management of the Sweet Shop. This role functions as the Sweet Shop lead throughout the summer as part of the summer ministry team and seeks to develop the people who work in those areas.

Keep the conference center and dining hall clean and tidy for guests. Lead teams of staff or TnT in keeping the conference center clean.

Pay and Benefits


First Year – $145/week

Returnees – $155/week

Lead Staff – $175/week 

Note: All of our staff have a five-and-a-half to six day work week during our summer ministry season.

Meals & Housing

Dorm style accommodations with air conditioning and shared restrooms are provided.

Camp meals are delicious! Whenever we have a campers or guest groups present, meals are provided. When guests are not present, same story with occasional exceptions.


Camp Store Discount

You get a 20% discount off all snacks and merchandise. Score!

Time Off

You get about one day off each week, typically on Sundays, plus an additional half day off on most weeks.

Spiritual Care

Participate in staff chapels, mentoring relationships, and spiritual conversations meant to deepen your faith and trust in God. 


There is nothing like stepping into the separate world that camp is. Community is not only fostered by what we do here, but you are the ones who actually make it exist! We hope you can enjoy the special seasonal lifestyle of living in our unique community and also walk away with great friendships.


Apply For Summer Missions

(If you worked on the Summer Ministry team in 2021, completed the season in good standing, and have filled out a summer ministry application in the past, please use the returnee application).

A Day in the Life of a Summer Staffer

 A general idea of what to expect (days vary depending on the camp)


• Devotional & Breakfast




Facilitate Afternoon Activities 


Dish pit/ Conference Center duties 



Acc. duties


Acc. duties


• Off

Important Dates

Make sure to check out the dates below for planning your summer


Training For Lead Staff

Lead staff arrive three days before the rest of our summer ministry team for a specail time of orientation, preperation, and fellowship.


Training For Summer Staff

Woot! Summer has arrived! Summer staff arrive an entire week before we begin to hosts guests to learn the ropes and experience camp.


Half of Summer Midpoint

Just serving with us for one half of summer? This is the "midpoint" on which our term for the first half of summer ends, and the second half of summer begins.


End of Summer Banquet

An annual gathering to celebrate all of the summer ministry team, TnT youth, and volunteers who were a part of making summer amazing.


Summer Ministry Team Departure

When some cry, everyone misses someone, and life returns to normal- except we hope you will have life experience, spiritual and character growth, memories, and friendship takeaways as a result of your time at camp. Date subject to change.