(A message to 2022 Senior High and Middle School 1 cabin leaders and program staff).

Hey, Leader!


Thanks for getting registered! We are so grateful for your willingness to come and serve during this week of Camp at Maranatha. As part of your commitment as a leader we have created some online training that we need you to complete before your week of Camp. So, please watch this intro video and then access the training through the link below.

Also, included below is your Cabin Leader Guidebook with everything you might need to know as you prepare for camp. We will have a printed copy for you when you arrive at Camp, but if you wait until then to look through it, you’ll be playing catch up. So please spend some time looking through it now, so that it can just be a reference when you arrive! I know all this probably seems like a lot, but we want to do everything we can as leaders to approach this week of Camp prepared and with the utmost intentionality, so please commit to that with us!

And as camp approaches, please keep an eye on the email address you registered with for any relevant details or changes.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!