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Gap Year Program

Maranatha’s Gap Year Program is a year-long faith immersion experience to equip high school graduates or college undergraduates to take a gap year from the societal norm while growing as Christ-centered servant leaders.

At Maranatha Camp & Retreat Center, we believe that camp and church ministries are powerful faith immersion experiences that form deep, life-long connections in the Body of Christ. Participants focus on serving with Maranatha’s camp and retreat ministries, as well as, serving within a local faith-based ministry/church. Enrollees will live in an intentional Christian community while fostering the discernment of their future in ministry.

What Is It?

In a sentence, live and do ministry at camp for a year, joining our fulltime staff in our season of improving camp through projects and running various types of events.

How Do You Apply?

We accept Gap Year Applications from members of our Summer Ministry Team. Join us for the summer camp season, and opportunities will be offered to apply.

When Does it Start and End?

 Our Gap Year Program begins on the first business day in September. Gap Year Staff are asked to stay to the end of the following year’s summer.

How Many Spots Are There?

On any given year, our spots available vary. Typically we accept two to four applicants each year.


What’s the Point?

  • To provide tools for ministry effectiveness as Christian leaders
  • To develop and prepare Christian leaders for a lifetime of service, no matter the calling
  • To foster an attitude of genuine teamwork with existing full-time staff
  • To provide a community whose identity is rooted in Jesus Christ
  • To build relationships and impact lives for Jesus Christ

Want More Details?

Check out our program overview/dossier.