Maranatha Moments vol. 1

Mar 10, 2023

Get Away, Quiet Down, and Hear God Speak

by Patrick Lynn

We live in a world that constantly pressures us to be faster, better, and stronger. We are bombarded by distractions and the pressures of our daily responsibilities, and encouraged to take shortcuts and rush through life. We rarely take the time to pause and reflect on what is truly important. However, the Bible teaches us that this type of lifestyle can lead to unhappiness and missed opportunities for true connection with God and with others. 

The book of Psalms urges us to “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). This verse encourages us to take our time – to slow down our pace of life so we can better focus on God’s presence in our lives. When we make space for meditation on God’s word, we open ourselves up to fresh insights into His will for our lives. We also create moments where we can invite Him into a deeper relationship with us as He speaks truth directly into our hearts about who He is and who we are as His beloved children. 

Relationships with other people require patience, understanding, kindness, humility, respect, forgiveness and an intentional effort towards healthy communication. It takes time for people to grow together in meaningful ways; rushing through relationships does not allow enough room for individuals involved to properly establish trust or develop deeper connections. How can we trust each other if we don’t take the time to get to know each other? God teaches us through the Apostle Paul that love is (among other things) patient (1 Corinthians 13:4). If you want your relationships with others to flourish, it is important to take your time. Cultivate and nourish your relationships (like plants!), and eventually we will have lasting bonds that can weather almost any storm. God does this with us, so we ought to follow his example and do likewise with each other.

Slowing down in life allows us more opportunities – both spiritually and relationally; it gives us the chance to draw closer towards God while also allowing relationships with those around us the chance they need in order to blossom fully over time without pressure or expectation. I’ll leave you with Maranatha’s motto: “Get away, quiet down, and hear God speak.”

Taking your time is worth it!