May Update- Good News for a Change!

May 19, 2020

If you are anything like our whole staff right now, we are very weary of hearing and delivering bad news. The bad news is that things keep changing. Just when we think the summer looks promising, an unexpected curveball gets sent our way. Just when we think we have a plan, it gets dashed. Just when we think we have our footing, our feet slip again. We are surrounded by a world of bad news and hard times.

But here’s some good news.

God is still in control.

While we do not like having to change what we have seen as normal and hold loosely our plans… we can rest in that He knows what He’s doing.

So here’s some good news:

• We may not know what the summer looks like, but we have a revised schedule for July camps! Check out our events page to see the new dates and get registered!

• We have extended our early bird discount for 10% off until May 31!

• We have some new faces here at camp. Not only do we have some new full-time but a few new faces here to help us prepare for the summer! Even while following social distancing rules, we are still excited to have some friends at camp again!

• We are getting things done. We are working to plan on an all be it different summer, but summer nonetheless! Whether that is painting and renovating some of our lodging, cleaning and preparing the dining hall, sprucing up the archery range, or preparing the waterfront, we want to be ready for this summer! We are moving forward with hope and trust that God will lead us where He needs us this year.

In a world of unknowns, we have a solid God. In a world of unfortunate news, He remains in control. We are continuing to pray that our ministry is fruitful and life-giving this summer!