September Update- Celebrating Summer 2020

Aug 28, 2020

What a difference a day at Maranatha can make!

At Maranatha, we are all about the difference a day can make. One day can be a turning point, a game-changer, a transformation! We watched this happen week after week in the lives of our campers this summer. Each day is full of fun and making new friends, but it is also full of opportunities to experience the Gospel. It’s a day where lives are changed for eternity when they hear and respond to the truth of the Gospel.

This summer we were blessed with 54 transformative days of summer. As one of three camps in the state of Nebraska to be open this year, we already were living knowing that each day was a gift. With 100 staff members, 1500 guests and campers, and so many more lives eternally impacted, there’s no doubt that even one day was an oppotunity for lives to be changed.

 On August 5, 1968, Darlene experienced that “one day” as a camper, when she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior as a teenager attending Maranatha Bible Camp. That day she realized the truth and made a decision that changed her life for eternity. This year on August 5, we hosted a large group of kids at camp. All of these kids came from troubled backgrounds – abuse, neglect, abandonment, and families torn apart. Because of COVID-19, the hope of coming to camp seemed impossible, but it happened because Darlene gave. She was our Day Sponsor for August 5 – commemorating the day she accepted Christ. And now, 52 years later, she is the one enabling kids to have a wonderful camp experience, full of fun and joy. But, more importantly, to have the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond – just like she did when she was a teen. 

What if because one person chose to sponsor a day of camp, someone’s heart is changed eternally? Darlene’s story could be your story.

Maybe you want to commemorate an anniversary like Darlene, or a birthday or memorial for a loved one. Either way, your impact is especially urgent today. Although COVID-19 shut down more than 80 percent of the camps across America, Maranatha was blessed to be open at 50 percent capacity beginning July 1. And we hope to have more groups through the fall months. But our summer revenues, that would normally be set aside for winter, did not happen. That’s why we need your urgent help today. 

By choosing to support Maranatha you are allowing more people to have a day of decision- a day where their lives are transformed. You can sponsor a full day for $1,200 or $100 month, or, you can sponsor a half-day for $600 or $50 month.