December Update- End of Year Giving

Dec 5, 2019

Dear Friends,

Biblical Christian worldview ministries like Maranatha Bible Camp are needed now more than ever! So much Bible content is blocked in public schools in many places… amazingly many of the same children attend Maranatha for 5 days hearing basic Bible teachings and learning Christian songs that they may not have ever had the chance to hear before! In addition to local children and youth, our campers come from primarily Nebraska and the five states that border us. Our alumni send in campers from many other states and even internationally. Family camps are a growing focus – attendance is up significantly compared to five years ago. A desire to have an annual family camp for those who are affected by disabilities was fulfilled by hosting our first Joni and Friends camp week. Our Year-End General Fund Drive income is so very important to cover basic overhead expenses as we look ahead to the slower winter months. In addition to weekend retreats, during these months we recruit Summer Ministry staff, Teens in Training, program planning and promotions for camper recruitment. This is also the time of year we can make repairs and more labor-intensive renovations. We are thankful for individuals and volunteer groups that make the load lighter. Will you come alongside us with a special year-end gift? Our goal this year is $60,000 for the General Fund. Help us move forward knowing Maranatha Bible Camp operating as a ministry with a Biblical Christian worldview is needed now more than ever….

Kris Cheek, DIRECTOR

Click here to see more info on our 5 year average income, expenses and financials.